27 February 2014

Nars Favourite's | Duo Eyeshadow 'Isolde'.

I thought I would share with you some favourites from different brands starting with one of my all time go to brands, Nars. When it came to choosing a shade from Nars' vast collection it wasn’t hard as I had been eyeing up 'Isolde' on Zoe’s blog for a while and always loved the way it looked on her in videos. For people with blue/grey eyes like myself it is great for making them pop and this is down to the warm orange undertone to the shades, I opt to wear both on my eye lid then pop a little bit of the lighter ginger shade under my lower lash line for a more smokey look. I have also used a darker brown shade for a more intense makeup look and it works great. 
The pigmentation and the fact that the product is so finely milled means that blending is great, however, these are on the expensive side and only as a treat would I buy this product especially since I have found a doupe in my own make up draw! 
The MUA Heaven and Earth palette from Superdrug has two very similar colours. These are pictured below and are the top left and bottom right, how similar are the shades? If the Nars eye shadows weren't so nice I would feel a right donkey!

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