25 February 2014

Current Everyday Makeup.

This is no way a routine as I think you all know how to apply makeup to your face's however, I did think I should show you my current makeup go-to's for everyday use. This is usually used when I go to work or just going out during the day, my night time makeup is a lot heavier. 

First of all we have the primer LO'real lumi magique, a pearl shine primer that is great for brightening up your face before putting on foundation, not too sure it is keeps makeup on for longer but it is an overall great pre-base to luminate the face. Foundation wise I have been loving Nars sheer glow (my hg foundation) in punjab. It's great for every day wear - although a tad pricey for day to day use I have heard great things about Revlon Naked so that might be a good doupe for this. I team together Collection concealer and Lumi magique for concealing. Great together to use as collection covers up my dark circles then I place some Lumi over to brighten up the whole eye area.
I have also been alternating or putting together the two LO'real mascaras, one being lash architect and voluminous. These are both great for volume and keep my curl in my lashes (mine are unbelievably straight!). For my lids I have been loving the Stila in the light palette alternating between all the colours depending on my mood.
My lips have been wearing the lovely coral lipstick from Mac Archie girl collection, a really great colour for the up coming spring and summer seasons. Tarte blusher in glitzen that I picked up from New York back in January 2013 is my blusher of choice, it gives a lovely natual sheen so I don't have to use a highlight and is perfect for every day. I have also been pulling out Hoola more often as a bid to use it up as it is getting a bit old,it has been giving a great contour to my cheeks and I have been using it for warming up my whole face when I have used some fake tan.

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